New Phone Options

If you have come to this page you have probably noticed our new phone numbers and phone system this is to help divert your call to the correct place. now i have never been a fan of the call queue and the auto answering service but since we have taken on new staff we have the need to divert calls to the correct person.

So here is a quick help sheet to help you navigate the system and some of the options that may not be obvious straight away on calling.

Once you have heard the quick 20 second intro you can press 10 options

1-  Mike Aspinall

2 – Mike Snow (Scotland)

3 – Accounts

4 – Leave a voicemail so we can call you back

5 – Conference room (Pin Required)

6 – Join The Support Que

7 – Server Support

8 – Web Site Support

9 – Emergency Support (After Hours)

0 – Send A Fax to Us


Our 0800 number is open from 08:00 till 18:00

Our 084 Number is open from 7AM till 19:00

any out of hours support will be taken in as a phone message and passed over to the person on shift at the time of the message.


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